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 "You were a pleasure to work with and we appreciate you being in Team Weston-Pickens. We surely do appreciate you helping us stay the course regarding media platforms and timeliness." 

Curtis Pickens, Committee to Elect Judge Debra Weston-Pickens 

"You Rock!"

Dr. Ankrehah Trimble Johnson

"Small business owners looking for branding and marketing? Contact Ronda Robinson at Carmine Communications. She definitely has been a blessing to me and my small business!" 

Carlos Whisenhunt, Magic City Snoball

Our Services


PR Building

Our team creates a PR plan that is unique to each client. The plan helps clients focus on the overall goal. In the meantime we use special events, social media, radio, TV, and print options to tell the client's story. 


Crisis Management

We prepare management, team leaders and employees for PR problems. Drills and media training classes help them practice how to respond during a potential crisis. The team should know how to set up an emergency command post and answer media questions without damaging the company brand or image.


Media Relations

We have a set process for media outreach. We know how to build relationships with journalists and community leaders. Our experienced team can quickly determine how to make sure an event is relevant and newsworthy.

About Us

Knowledge & Experience


Owner Ronda Robinson has more than 23 years of experience in radio, television and public relations. The award winning journalist uses her skills to help guide individuals and businesses through the PR process.

Building Great Reputations


Public relations is important for those who understand the need to grow and stabilize their reputation. Neglecting PR can at times damage a business.

Earned, Not Purchased


Don't just buy advertising when you could do much more. A company should work toward earning the public's trust.


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